Training and other helpful information

Dryfire targets are meant to be printed on normal printer paper. Cut them out and practice your dry fire reps!

1/3rd scale 

1/6th scale

Helps with throttle control and reloads

Precision Progression Drill

Rifle Drill to help with controlled shots and fast Reload

4×4 Drill 

We don’t exercise unsupported weak hand enough, here is a drill to help. 

Snowman Drill

Are you looking to elevate your firearms training from the comfort of your home? Dry fire practice is a valuable and accessible way to improve shooting skills.

Why Choose Dry Fire Training?

Dry fire training involves practicing firearm handling and trigger control without live ammunition. It’s a crucial component of firearm proficiency and offers several benefits:

  1. Safety First: Dry fire training eliminates the risk associated with live ammunition. You can practice various drills and techniques without worrying about accidental discharges.
  2. Cost-Effective: Ammunition costs can add up quickly. Dry fire training allows you to practice more frequently without breaking the bank.
  3. Reinforce Muscle Memory: Consistent dry fire practice helps build muscle memory for proper grip, trigger control, and sight alignment. It’s an essential foundation for live-fire accuracy.
  4. Accessibility: You don’t need to visit a shooting range or have a vast outdoor space to practice. Dry fire training can be done in the comfort of your home.

Printable Targets

We understand the importance of dry fire training. That’s why we’ve created printable targets to enhance your practice sessions.

Our Printable Targets

Our printable targets come in two popular scales: 1/3rd scale and 1/6th scale. These scales offer versatility in your training, allowing you to choose the challenge that suits your skill level.

Easy Printing and Setup

Using our printable targets is a breeze. Download the PDF files from our website, and you’re ready. These targets are formatted to fit standard printer paper, making printing them at home convenient. Once printed, cut them out, and you’re all set to start your dry fire practice.

Dry fire training is a powerful tool for improving your shooting skills. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a responsible gun owner looking to enhance your skills, our targets provide a platform for effective practice.

Elevate your dry fire training today with Havok Holsters’ printable targets. Download, print, and get practicing.