About Havok Holsters

How Havok Holsters got started

I have always liked gun gear and the culture behind it. I have also always liked the ability to customize everything I own, to make it mine. So Havok Holsters was started by the lack of custom options out there and want to provide that for others seeking the same thing. Since the start, the company has grown a lot in the last year. We are adding nylon goods to the store, overlay options, and other services other gear makers are not offering.  We like to see people light up when they see their vision come to life. So if you have an idea or need help, please reach out.

About me

My name is Ben Coryat, and I’m the owner/operator of Havok Holsters. A little bit of my background. I served in the Army for seven years as a Chinook Crew Chief. I’ve always been into working on cars and racing them. I have a fantastic family that supports me in everything I do.


Ben AR15