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Aegis Gun Care Inc is focusing on nanoscience surface friction technology. What is
nanoscience you might ask? Nanoscience is the study of structures and materials
on the scale of nanometers. A nanometer is a unit of spatial measurement that is 10-9 meters or one billionth of a meter. The nanometer is often used to express
dimensions on an atomic scale. Simply put we are designing lubricants based on a scale of surface engineering that the naked eye cannot see. Awesome, right? This amazing technology allows us to see exactly what is happening to surfaces on such a
small scale that we can engineer lubricants to combat any damage that might
occur, avoiding mechanical wear or even worse, failure.


 AW / AF / EP Oil Additive
A high-performing industrial oil tribological package.
Enhances existing base oil with superior anti-friction, anti-wear, extreme
pressure properties, and antioxidants. Extends lubricant life.
· Excellent Extreme Pressure protection
· Reduces coefficient of friction
· Superior performance under the most demanding
conditions of high temperature and oxidation
· Outstanding corrosion inhibiting
· Prevents micro pitting and surface fatigue
· Extended performance and wear protection

Lube and Cleaner Tester

1-1oz    bottle of Aegis Firearms Cleaner
1-0.5oz bottle of Aegis Firearms Lubricant

Combo Lube and Cleaner

1-4oz bottle of Aegis Firearms Cleaner
1-2oz bottle of Aegis Firearms Lubricant

Deluxe Field Cleaning Kit

1-Nylon Molle carrying pouch (6.1″x4.5″x2.2″)
1-Aegis Gun Care pvc Velcro patch
1-4oz bottle of Aegis Firearms Cleaner
1-2oz bottle of Aegis Firearms Lubricant
1-Microfiber cleaning cloth
2-5.75″ Brass Gun Cleaning Rods
4-brass bore brushes .45cal, .40cal, 9mm and .22cal
4-brass jags .45cal, .40cal, 9mm(.357cal & .38cal) and .22cal
1-.22cal Brass Slotted Tip
1-.30cal Brass Slotted Tip
25-Gun Cleaning Patches
1- Stainless Steel Pick
1-Nylon Brush
1-8.5″ Nylon Coated Flex Cable-Handgun length
1-33″ Nylon coated Flex Cable-Rifle Length
10-6″ cotton cleaning swabs
1-Precision needle lubrication cap

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Tester kit, Combo Pack, Deluxe Cleaning Kit


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