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    Fabric adhered to the top layer of Kydex. When selecting choose a solid color Kydex to go with your overlay of choice. 

    This might add to the cost of the sheath and will need to be paid to get the knife shipped. An email will be sent to you letting you know of the extra cost. If you're not sure just email to get a quote. 

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Have a limited edition knife? Or maybe a custom one-off knife that was made for you. Or you just don’t like the crappy knife sheath that came with your new knife. At Havok Holsters, we make high-quality custom knife sheaths how you want them. Need it to attach to your battle belt, chest rig, or daily carry on your belt? We will get you covered. Ship your knife to us, and the return shipment is included.

Same custom options for the gun holsters as well. Prints, overlays, colors, and custom rivet colors. Just need to know how you want it to attach and how you want it to look. We can go from mild to wild.

For Color and patterns, check out our colors page.

About Kydex Custom Knife Sheaths

Benchmark knife in custom sheath

Benchmark knife in a custom sheath

Benchmark knife next to custom sheath

Benchmark knife next to custom sheath

A Kydex custom sheath is the perfect blend of form and function. It’s crafted from a durable and lightweight thermoplastic material. This type of sheath is strong enough to protect your knife and easy to carry. But what sets a Kydex sheath apart is its customizability.

Custom Sheath Personalization

With a Kydex custom sheath, you can choose from various colors, patterns, and textures. You can create a unique, personalized accessory that fits your style and needs. A Kydex custom sheath is the ideal complement to your favorite knife.

Better Than a Pouch Sheath

Not only is a Kydex sheath visually striking, but it’s also incredibly functional. The snug fit of the sheath keeps your knife securely in place. This hold prevents it from rattling or shifting during transport. The molded design and shape of the sheath also protect the blade from damage. They are perfect for keeping it sharp and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Why we Prefer Kydex to Leather Knife Sheaths

  • Durability:  Kydex is tough and can handle rough conditions without wearing out, unlike a custom leather sheath.
  • Waterproof: Unlike a leather sheath, it won’t soak up water, keeping your knife dry and rust-free.
  • Low Maintenance: Cleaning them is a breeze, while a leather sheath needs more care to stay in good shape.
  • Lightweight:  Kydex is lighter, making carrying your knife easier all day.

Are you heading on a camping trip or embarking on a hunting expedition? Or maybe you need a reliable and stylish way to carry your favorite knife? Then a Kydex custom sheath is a perfect choice. They come with a sleek design and customizable options. And their unparalleled functionality makes them the ultimate belt loop accessory.

Order Custom Sheaths

Do you need a reliable and customized sheath to protect and carry your favorite blade? Look no further!

At Havok Holsters, we craft high-quality and durable knife sheaths. We tailor our sheaths to meet your specific needs. Our wide range of styles and designs ensures you’ll find the perfect match for your cherished knife.

Imagine having a custom-made sheath that fits your knife like a glove! Offering ultimate protection and secure retention. Not only will it keep your blade safe, but it’ll also add a touch of personalization and style to your everyday carry.

Ordering your dream knife sheath is easy! Don’t settle for off-the-shelf options. You can have a tailor-made sheath that reflects your personality and protects your prized possession. Elevate your knife-carrying experience today with a custom knife sheath from Havok Holsters. Enter your custom sheath inquiry above and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your knife is in the best hands!

Whether you need an easy way to carry and protect your knife or your gun, we have you covered! All our products are handmade here in the USA.

 Custom Sheath Attachment Questions?

There are several methods for attaching knife sheaths. Each offers various benefits and suitability for different carry preferences. Here are some common methods:

  • Belt Loops: Belt Loops are fixed loops on the sheath that slide over the belt, attaching the sheath to your waistband. Belt loops are popular for OWB (Outside the Waistband) carry. They provide a stable and accessible option.
  • Clip-On: Clip-on sheaths have a removable clip that attaches to the waistband or belt. They offer a convenient way to switch between carrying options.
  • Belt Straps: Some sheaths feature straps with snap buttons or buckles that wrap around the belt, providing a secure fit. This method is used in scout carry and horizontal carry configurations.
  • MOLLE Attachments: For tactical and military-style carry. Some sheaths have MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachments. This allows them to be attached to compatible gear or vests.
  • Paddle Holsters: These sheaths have a paddle-like attachment that slides over the waistband. They provide a secure and easy-to-remove option.
  • Tek-Lok: The Tek-Lok is a versatile and adjustable belt attachment system. It allows you to adjust the sheath’s position and angle for optimal comfort and access.

The attachment method will depend on the type of knife, sheath design, and your preferred carry style. Before using any attachment method, ensure the sheath securely fits the knife. It should provide a smooth draw and reliable retention.

Have questions about how you plan to carry? Just ask!

What is a Knife Holster?

A knife holster is a protective and functional sheath designed to securely hold and carry a knife. Like a gun holster, a knife holster is made to fit a particular knife model or size, providing a snug and secure fit. The primary purpose of a knife holster is to protect the user from accidental cuts or injuries while carrying the knife. It also provides quick access and covers the blade when not in use.

The holster may feature belt loops, clips, or other attachment mechanisms. These allow users to carry the knife on their belt, waistband, or gear. Additionally, some knife holsters have adjustable retention settings. These settings allow you to customize the tightness of the fit for a specific knife.

A knife holster is essential for safely and conveniently carrying a knife. Whether for everyday use, outdoor activities, or professional purposes, it provides peace of mind, ensuring the knife is readily accessible and well-protected.

They are more commonly referred to as sheaths.

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Black, White, Blood Red, Coyote Brown, Dark Grey, Desert Tan, EMT Red, Flat Dark Earth, Jade, Light Grey, Neon Pink, OD green, Police Blue, Purple, Safety Orange, Safety Yellow, Soft Pink, Storm Grey, Tiffany Blue, Zombie Green, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Blood Red, Carbon Fiber Coyote Brown, Carbon Fiber Desert Tan, Carbon Fiber EMT Red, Carbon Fiber FDE, Carbon fiber Grey, Carbon fiber Hot Pink, Carbon Fiber OD Green, Carbon Fiber Blue, Carbon Fiber Purple, Carbon Fiber Orange, Carbon Fiber Storm Grey, Carbon Fiber Tiffany Blue, Carbon fiber White, Carbon Fiber Zombie Green

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    Ben is an absolute boss to work with! Quick customer service, ensuring the right product and fit for each customer! The turn around time was impressive and the sheath turned out perfect! Definitely will be a returning customer.

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