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Each holster is handcrafted to your precise gun model, creating the perfect fit while maintaining the thinnest profile both in your pants and on your belt.    Additional features of the Valkyrie include:

  • They are all set up to accommodate red dots and most suppressor height sights and are open-ended to allow for threaded barrels and most compensators. 
  • Adjustable Retention
  • A full sweat shield minimizes the amount of contact your gun has with your body, keeping your slide clean and sweat-free.
  • All holsters are available for both right and left-hand draw.
  • All available firearms are listed in the drop-down, there is no secret menu, and this isn’t Starbucks.

For Color and print examples, check out our colors page.

About the Valkyrie Light Bearing Holster

Meet the Valkyrie Light Bearing Holster, your perfect companion for a weapon-mounted light. It’s designed to work seamlessly with popular light attachments. This holster combines your firearm and light into a single, sleek package for an improved concealed carry experience.

Crafted with precision and top-quality materials, this holster provides a secure and snug fit for your firearm and light combo. Thanks to its custom-molded design and adjustable retention system, it stays firmly in place during everyday carry or action-packed situations.

With the Valkyrie, you can draw your firearm quickly and effortlessly while keeping your weapon-mounted light aligned for instant illumination. It’s perfect for low-light environments or tactical scenarios where every second counts. In addition, you gain the advantage of seamlessly integrating your firearm and light into a compact unit.

Durability is a key feature of the Valkyrie Light Bearing Holster. Made from tough Kydex, it can handle the rigors of daily use while providing comfort and reliability. Its ergonomic design and adjustable features ensure a comfortable fit and a secure grip.

Secure your firearm with the Valkyrie Light Bearing Holster. This practical and reliable accessory will take your concealed carry to the next level. Enhance your readiness in low-light conditions and enjoy the benefits of having a perfectly matched firearm and light setup.

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5 reviews for Valkyrie Light Bearing IWB

  1. Gabe Lopez


  2. Bham

    Top notch service and quality. OD green with MultiCam Black overwrap for a P365XL with TLR7 sub. Very nice holster. Wears like a glove. Changed the plastic clip out for a DCC Monoclip and it’s the perfect holster.

  3. Cody Walker (verified owner)

    This holster was well worth the wait! Every aspect from the retention to the color is perfect. The frame of the holster is somehow thin enough to accommodate easy concealment, yet feels extremely durable. This is not the universal Blackhawk holster you bought at Dunham’s folks, this is a custom made piece of gear that’s crafted with care. I will for sure be ordering from HH again in the future! 5/5

  4. Thomas Shore (verified owner)

    Love this holster for my c2 with the tlr-7a. Very comfortable in the waistband, hip carry. Went carbon fiber on my first one. Definitely worth it. Will be getting more in the future. Does take awhile but patience, worth every penny. Best holster i have ever owned.

  5. Wilfredo Figueroa (verified owner)

    Great holster, good looking prints, I will be ordering again.

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