Did you know that the number of women participating in shooting sports grew by 25% in 2022? That’s right, more and more ladies are embracing firearms and the art of self-defense.

But here’s the thing – finding the right gun holster that fits like a glove and complements your style can be a game-changer. That’s why we’re diving into the world of the best gun holsters for women.

We’ve got your back (and your firearm) covered. Let’s explore the options that offer both security and a touch of personal flair.

Buy A Concealed Carry Holster

Of course, before diving into the post, you are probably looking for a great holster! Here are some options for you! Spoiler alert, concealed carry holsters are what we recommend. Here are our top rated gun holsters:

What Are the Options and Which is Best?

When it comes to holsters for women, there’s a range of options to consider, each with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s break down a few popular choices for women’s gun holsters:

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster

These are worn inside your pants, offering good concealment. Inside the waistband holsters can be comfortable and provide a close fit, but might take some getting used to. These are a common women’s CCW holster option.

Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster

Worn on the outside of your pants, outside the waistband holsters offer quick access and can be more comfortable for some. However, they might be less concealed.

Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) Holster

These are designed to be carried in the front, offering easy access and great concealment. They’re gaining popularity among women for their comfort and quick draw. Appendix carry holsters are one of the best women’s conceal holsters.

Belly Bands

These versatile holsters wrap around your midsection, allowing you to carry in various positions. They can accommodate different firearm sizes but might not provide the fastest draw.

Thigh Holster

Worn around the thigh, these holsters can be comfortable and provide a unique look. Thigh holsters might not be as snug when you’re moving around a lot. Since they’re on your leg, they could wiggle a bit during activities like walking or running. So, while they’re stylish and offer a unique way to carry your firearm, they might need some extra attention to make sure they stay in place.

Purse Holster

Some holsters are designed to be carried in specially designed purses. They offer convenience but might require extra caution to prevent unauthorized access. There are also specific concealed carry bags with built in options for a firearm.

Ankle Holster

Perfect for a backup firearm, ankle holsters securely hold your gun around your ankle. They’re discreet and accessible but might require practice to draw quickly.

Bra Holster

Designed to be worn comfortably inside a bra, these holsters provide a discreet and unique carry option. Bra holsters are fantastic for carrying small firearms, like compact pistols. Since they’re tucked away inside your clothing, they’re super discreet and hardly noticeable.

Shoulder Holster

Carried under your arm, shoulder holsters distribute the weight of your firearm across your upper body. They provide quick access and are suitable for certain outfits.

Out of all these options, we believe that concealed carry holsters are the way to go. AIWB and IWB holsters, specifically, are going to offer the most concealment, access, and comfort. Especially if you go with custom Kydex holsters.

Why We Recommend Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

Concealed carry is all about having a way to keep your firearm hidden from view while still being easily accessible. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard that no one else knows about. But here’s the thing – it’s not just about having a firearm; it’s about being responsible and prepared.

When you’re considering concealed carry, it’s important to choose the right holster. Think of it as finding the perfect home for your firearm. You want a holster that’s comfortable, secure, and easy to access.

With the right holster, you can go about your day with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable tool by your side. Whether you choose to carry inside your waistband, outside, on your thigh, or even inside your bra, there’s a concealed carry option that suits your style and comfort.

Remember, concealed carry is not just about the firearm – it’s about responsible ownership, training, and making safety a top priority. So, as you explore the world of holsters and concealed carry, keep in mind that it’s a powerful tool that empowers you to stay safe while blending seamlessly into your everyday life.

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What To Look For in Women’s Holsters

When it comes to finding the perfect holster, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Let’s break it down in simple terms, so you know exactly what to look for:


First things first, your holster should feel like a comfy pair of shoes – you won’t even notice it’s there. Look for options with padding or smooth edges to prevent any chafing or discomfort.


Just like your favorite jeans, your holster should fit like a glove. It should securely hold your firearm without wobbling around. A snug fit ensures your gun stays put and is easy to access.


Speaking of access, a good holster lets you get to your firearm in a jiffy. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or going about your day, quick and smooth access is a must.


Your holster should keep your firearm concealed and under wraps. Look for options that tuck away nicely under your clothing, so you can keep your carry a secret.

Durable Material

A sturdy holster is your best buddy. Quality materials like Kydex offer durability and protection for your firearm. Plus, they’re easy to clean – a win-win!

Kydex Is The Way To Go!

Let’s chat about Kydex – the superhero of holster materials. Imagine a material that’s super tough yet as smooth as butter. Well, that’s Kydex for you!

Kydex is the armor your holster needs. It’s incredibly strong, so your firearm stays safe even if things get rough. The Kydex shell is molded perfectly to its shape. No wobbling or jiggling – just a secure fit designed specifically for your gun.

Not only is Kydex strong, but it’s also gentle. It won’t scratch or harm your firearm’s finish. Cleaning up is a breeze, too – just a quick wipe, and you’re good to go. Plus, Kydex holsters come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you can show off your style.

No matter how you like to carry your firearm – inside your pants, outside, on your thigh – Kydex can handle it all.

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