Anyone who has tried carrying a firearm for any time knows it can get incredibly uncomfortable. On top of that, a gun without a good holster isn’t the easiest to access.

We get stuck wondering things like, “Is this a safe way to carry?” or “How much longer am I going to be carrying this?”

When you don’t have a great holster option, carrying can suck.

The good news is you can easily solve this problem with a kydex holster.

In this post, I’ll tell you what a kydex holster is and give you three good reasons to order one today. I hope this will give you a roadmap for kydex holsters and make carrying easy.

What Makes The Perfect Holster?

Kydex Holster: A custom-molded thermoplastic holster designed to fit a specific firearm. It offers fantastic retention, comfort, and concealment.

In other words:

There are three primary things you need to look for in a holster. Each of which a kydex holster provides.

The added benefit is that they are completely custom, so they can match your gun and your style.

Retention – The First Ingredient

Retention refers to the ability of a holster to securely hold a firearm in place, preventing it from falling out or shifting around when not in use while still allowing for quick and easy access when needed.

This is a crucial component because it directly affects the safety of you and those around you.

Many people who are new to carrying start out on the right track but then get stuck because they don’t want to spend the money on getting a custom holster for their gun.

And then they wind up with a poorly held firearm that is just asking for an injury.

The key to retention is to get a holster that is fitted to your exact firearm, lights, sights, and all.

To get started here, look for a kydex holster built for your firearm, or order a custom one.

Comfort – The Second Ingredient

Comfort refers to the level of physical ease and satisfaction a person experiences while wearing or using a particular object or item. In the context of holsters, a comfortable holster is one that fits snugly and securely while also being lightweight and unobtrusive and does not cause any discomfort or irritation to the wearer.

If you’ve spent hours repositioning your firearm but something still feels off – never finding a great position, this is likely the piece that’s missing.

Without this, you can reposition your firearm all you want and still never find the “right” position.

What can you do?

Get a kydex holster that is lightweight, easy to carry, and all-around more comfortable.

Concealment – The Third Ingredient

Concealment refers to the ability to hide or disguise a firearm, usually under clothing or accessories, so that it is not visible to others. A holster designed for concealment is typically slim and low-profile and designed to minimize printing or bulging that could give away the presence of the firearm.

Here is where you’ll really start to see the benefits of a kydex holster.

Of course, this is dependent on your wanting to conceal your firearm. Otherwise, there are plenty of good reasons that a kydex holster really is “the perfect holster.

Once you have one, you’ll never want to carry any other way.

Putting it All Together for The Perfect Holster

There you have it! The three components of your perfect holster.

It may not seem like much, but just try one, and you will see the difference.

What’s Next?

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best – order your kydex holster from Havoc Holsters today and experience the difference for yourself.