Welcome to Havok Holsters, the hot rod shop of the holster and gear world. We make holsters that you want. Yes, we have standard options, but we also make one-off custom holsters. This can range from an idea you had to custom prints or fabrics. We are constantly expanding our product line, so check back for updates or sign up for our newsletter for updates on new products or services added. 

Havok Holster Popular Models

The Nux EDC Belt

80's Arcade overlay

The first belt to come from Havok Holsters is the belt you will wear the most often. We looked for a belt material and option that met the requirements we sought out for. We wanted a low-profile ridged belt that had no metal buckles. This allows you to have very little bulk, go through the metal detector without having to remove the belt, and help with printing. Right now when you buy an IWB holster you can get the belt for $20 as a combo package.

Look out for Havok Holsters 2 belt range system in the future.